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Mike Henderson, Financial Coach
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Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Living paycheck to paycheck is now the norm in American culture. Not just for the blue collar set and not just for the middle class. It effects everyone at every level.

This article from the Washington Post from December of 2018 focuses on the painful reality of the American way of life. Americans can’t handle their money:

Whether it’s because we don’t teach our kids money management, either in school or in the home, or it’s something else, the bottom line remains the same: most Americans are in sad shape financially. And it’s not an income problem. It’s a spending problem. It’s a lack of wisdom, a lack of looking at the big picture, a lack of having a plan (i.e., budget).

rocket science

And all of this can be easily fixed. Learning new money skills is not rocket science. But it does take a concerted effort to admit there is a problem, agree to make changes, and find someone to help you along the way.

And that’s where financial coaching comes in. A good financial coach takes you from where you are and not only shows you where you should be, but also shows you how to get there. A good coach points out your problem areas and how they can be fixed. A good coach helps you create a monthly financial plan to guide you with all your spending habits every day of the year. Not so life is constrictive, but to give you the freedom to spend money in ways that you know that you can, while not spending money in ways that will hurt you.

Mike Henderson is the financial coach that will help you meet your goals. Give him a call today!

About the Author Mike

Mike Henderson is a Certified Dave Ramsey Master Financial Coach and is passionate about helping people create a Debt-Free & Stress-Free lifestyle. He is the husband of his best friend, father of 5, and grandfather of 2. He is a pastor and teacher, and enjoys being with his family, reading and studying, hiking and being outdoors, and starting new projects around the house.